The most important Git commands.


Initialize an existing directory

git init

Clone a repository

git clone https://url/of/repository.git


Show the status of a repository

git status

Add a file to your next commit

git add [file]

Remove / unstage a file and keep the changes

git reset [file]

Delete a file and stage the removal

git rm [file]

Move a file and stage that

git mv [existing-path] [new-path]

Diff of what is changed but not staged

git diff 

Diff of what is staged but not committed

git diff --staged

commit the staged content

git commit -m "[discription]"

Branch & Merge

List you branches

git branch

Create a new branch

git branch [branch-name]

switch to another branch

git checkout [branch-name]

Merge a branch into the current one

git merge [branch-name]

The commits of the current branch

git log

Remote share & update

Fetch an merge any commits from the remote branch

git pull

Transmit the local commits to the remote repository

git push

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