In addition to my work as a service provider, I have a few projects and products, most of which are available as open source.

Bootstrap Extensions


A Bootstrap 4 / jQuery plugin to extend input elements for numbers in such a way that they offer a particularly simple input possibility by +/- keys. The input works with touch screen and mouse pointer, on mobile and desktop.


A bootstrap 4 / jQuery plugin, for displaying modal dialogs with JavaScript, without HTML.

Electron Apps


An unofficial desktop client for Google Inbox to use Inbox separately from your browser. 


Basic app that shows how to create an electron app with Bootstrap 4.

  • Uses Bootstrap 4 for frontend
  • Programmed in vanilla ES6
  • With component architecture
  • Font-Awesome 5 Integration
  • Contains CRUD example with local data storage

Chess boards, chess playing fields, chess computers


A JavaScript chess board, with the representation in SVG, programmed in ES6. It can display positions in FEN (Forsyth Edwards notation) and offers the possibility to enter moves by click or drag & drop.


chess-console is a JavaScript framework based on cm-chessboard, with which you can create browser-based chess apps. The component concept makes it easy to expand chess-console. With chess-console-stockfish, for example, you have a complete online chess computer, as it is implemented at chessmail.

You can find my other open source projects on GitHub.

Chess server chessmail

I also run the online chess server chessmail. chessmail is programmed by me with high performance and has over 7,000 users interested in chess. chessmail has been running stable for over 15 years and is constantly being further developed.