Chess Projects


JavaScipt Toollbox for chess programming. It can tag, play, import and export PGN and FEN and validate moves.

cm-chess is like chess.js, but in ECMA-Script 6 (ES 6) and it can store and process different move variations, Nags and Annotations. cm-chess is the basis for the further chess projects.


A JavaScript chessboard, displayed in SVG, programmed in ES6. It can display positions in FEN (Forsyth-Edwards-Notation) and offers the possibility to enter moves by click or drag & drop.

Cm chessboard


chess-console is a JavaScript framework, with which you can create browser-based chess apps. Due to the component concept chess-console can be easily extended. With chess-console-stockfish, for example, you have a complete online chess computer, as it is implemented at chessmail.

Chessmail Stockfish Schachcomputer 2020 07 07

Chess Server chessmail

I run the online chess server chessmail. The system has been running for over 17 years and is constantly being further developed.

chessmail is cool, try it out!

Chessmail Startseite 2020 07 07